KYMAÏA gets the cover page of the business section in the Irish Sunday Times Newspaper

Online preview of the article

Online preview of the article

Kabira has been creating unique and amazing clothing since 2014. Her unique style will definitely take her far! Keep an eye for her latest work on her online store at

It's with great excitment and delight that earlier this morning I got contacted by Kabira Allain (KYMAÏA's founder). She wanted to let me know that one of the photos from our session was published on the cover of the business section in the Irish version of The Sunday Times. Congrats Kabira!

Newspaper publication

Newspaper publication

2016... A promising year!

At the end of 2015 (just before the holidays), after 3 long years of bureaucracy, we finally moved from Dublin, Ireland into Los Angeles, California.

We took some time to adjust to the 8 hours time zone change, more than it would normally take. It's like if our bodies knew this was a permanent change and not just for a few weeks. We just took this time to relax a bit and get our batteries fully charged to the new begining.

Fast forward past the holidays, here's 2016 and it's time to hit the gas pedal and to get busy!

Happy New Year everyone!

Redondo Beach in the morning before El Nino gifts us with a thunderstorm

Redondo Beach in the morning before El Nino gifts us with a thunderstorm

Test Shoot with Melissa Love

Last night I did a small test shoot with Melissa Love.

The setting for this shoot was quite simple: A speedlite inside a softbox as main light and a second speedlite with a honeycomb grid as back light. For background, I used a neutral grey backdrop.

All of this in a 2.5 sqm. (27 sqft.) area (including me), so you can imagine how tight it was in terms of space. In the end, it was a fun experience that produced some good results, but judge them by yourself and let me know what you think:

Back to Activity!

After a few months on hiatus, I'm finally back to what I love the most: Taking photos!

At the moment I'm working on some projects to develop my body of work and further define my style. I still don't have anything on the "Share it" phase, once I do I will be posting some sneak previews in here, so stay tuned!

Test Shoot with KYMAÏA's creator, Kabira Allain

Last Summer, I did a small test shoot with Kabira Allain (founder and stylist of KYMAÏA).

It was a shoot full of challenges as I was limited to using a Speedlite along with a translucent umbrella (which could barely overcome ambient light), but in the end it was a great and fun experience on which we ended up getting some pleasant results!

A great thank you to Kabira for her patience during the shoot!

You can find out more about Kabira and her brand, KYMAÏA at


GFSmith "Be Inspired" Dublin Workshop

This one day workshop was very interesting as it was one of those Artificial Lighting vs Natural Lighting comparisons. In the morning we focused on artificial lighting, it's advantages, it's limitations and the challenges it brings. In the afternoon we did the same with natural light. It was a very interesting day!

A big thank you to:

The models: Natalie Donnelley and Natasha Bayley

The photographers mentoring: Mark Lawrence and Kevin Wilson

The GFSmith personnel: Gail Mellors and Alex Reid

And a big thank you to the other participants! It was great to meet you all and to observe the different approaches each one has to photography, both as an art and as a business.

Shoot with Androgynous Model Ivan Fahy

Last Tuesday I met with the androgynous model Ivan Fahy and we did some shots on location. Ivan is very good humored and fun to work with. We had a great time during the shoot and got great shots!

Here's a small peek to what we got:

What you think? Feel free to comment!